I just want to commend Akoma Dog Products, Inc. for such a fine products.

I have had the opportunity to test the Heat – N- Breeze Deluxe unit in both the hot summer months and the cold winter months. Here in Kentucky it gets pretty hot and also very cold. This unit performed just as the company said it would in their literature. As Mike, the owner says: your dog box has to be well insulated and have a door that will shut to help keep the heat in the box. When you take care of securing your box then the Hound Heater will do its job. This heater is very well built as it has a metal case and also has a metal cord cover for added protection for your pet. If you are looking for a well made kennel box heater then look no further as The Hound Heater has you covered to keep you pet warm and for you to have a piece of mind know that you are taking care of you old buddy. We here at Amis Kennels use and recommend the Hound Heater as our choice to heat and cool our dog box. I would also like to add it is a bargain of an investment if you are raising puppies as the cost of this unit will more and pay for it in just saving one puppy.

Good luck to you in all your hound endeavors and may God Bless You and Yours.

-- Don Amis

The Hound Heater surpassed my expectations

I’d love to give a testimonial. I purchased a Hound Heater last fall for my lab, who had a thyroid condition, and had lost patches of his hair. He had been an outside dog all his life and didn’t like to be in the house, but couldn’t be outside without some type of heat. A friend of mine pointed me to your product, which he’d seen in Pheasants Forever magazine. I sent you a few e-mails, asked a few questions, and decided to give it a try, hoping it would allow my dog to stay outside. Four months later I’d have to say the Hound Heater didn’t meet my expectations—IT BLEW THEM AWAY!

Your product performed absolutely perfectly. It kept his well insulated 30-35 cubic ft. house at a consistent 40-50 comfortable degrees through the coldest stretches of MN winter. All this, set only slightly above Medium on the coldest days, and without adding noticeably to the electric bill. I did add some metal flashing behind, above, and along the wall beside the heater for a little extra protection between the heater and wood. Might not have been needed but, thought it couldn’t hurt since I used Oxboard on the inside.

It isn’t often you buy something and performs exactly as you hoped it would. The Hound Heater has proven to be just such. I, (and my dog) Thank you for a great product and wish you much success in the future.

Last night I went outside to check on the dog houses to make sure the pup hasn’t ripped the curtains off again and the thermometer reads 65 degrees in the big dog house where they both snuggle up together in this weather. Amazing Hound Heater. I love that thing.

I would be happy to give a testimonial

Thanks for such a great product.

Just to let you know, I am a returning customer with five small, short-haired dogs who all turn up their noses at the cold Wyoming winters thanks to our homemade double insulated doghouses and your wonderful hound heaters. I tell everyone I possibly can about the hound heaters and about how my dogs rarely have to spend a day inside in the winter (they are all of the terrier persuasion and being cooped up inside is like the worst punishment to them). On one of the coldest days last winter, it was 18 below with a wind chill and all of the dogs were in the house. I decided to go out and check the temperature in our lightest built doghouse with the oldest Hound Heater version and was amazed to see that it was 55 degrees inside it! No wonder they want to be let out all the time.

— Heather Arambel

“Hound Heaters are the greatest thing since sliced bread”

It was 13 degrees this morn out here in the Columbia Gorge area of Wa. state and I got to say that all 4 of my hound heaters worked just great. I have 2 old style and 2 new ones and all worked great. I have 4 shelters all double wall plywood with 2″ Styrofoam insulation all 4 sides and all 4 were just as warm this morning as when it is 25-30 degrees outside. I could have slept in any one of my shelters my own self and done just fine. LOL. I gotta’ tell ya’ that as far as I am concerned the hound heaters are the greatest thing since sliced bread. A wonderful product that lives up to it’s reputation.

— Carl Rhone

We bought a Hound Heater Furnace a year ago for our outside dog “Tucker.” His dog house was a standard plastic shell and got quite cold during the winter. I installed the Hound Heater and put a wireless temperature sensor in the house. With just a little insulation (a couple of blankets on the outside) and a plastic door, his house stays between 55-60 degrees even on the coldest nights. A great product-just set the thermostat and you’re done!!! Thanks from Tucker!!!

— Trent P.

I just wanted to offer a testimonial

and proof that the Hound Heater works as advertised! My dog is kenneled outdoors in South Dakota where the winter temperature is regularly below zero and got as low as -25 F this past winter (Jan 2009). My pup was only 5 1/2 months old when the temp dropped below freezing for the first time in his life. He has an insulated dog house constructed of wood that is built inside my shed (aka Hound Hilton) but I wanted to ensure the temp in his house was always above freezing so I looked around and came across the Hound Heater. The Hound Heater lived up to everything it advertises. I used it from October through April and it worked perfectly. I set the thermostat at about 40 and several times each day I logged the temperature and humidity inside the dog house as well as the outside temperature. The charts for January and February 2009 are attached. As you will note, the temperature inside the dog house remained very constant regardless of the outside temperature. Additionally, the furnace did not dry out the air inside the house. With very low humidity outside, you can see that the humidity inside the house remained very comfortable at around 60%. The minor fluctuations in temperature and humidity were affected by whether or not the dog was in his house. I am particularly impressed that even when the temp dropped to -25 F, it was a balmy 45-50 degrees inside the house. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the product and highly recommend it. We have a new litter of puppies so I may be needing another one soon!

— Jesse Schmidt & Schmidt’s Shorthairs